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Krystyna Janda is a distinguished actress in the theatre as well. She has performed in many contemporary and classic roles from Rita in ”The Education of Rita” to ”Medea” in the drama by Euripides. Apart from this, she sings very well, a fact, which was proved by the very popular and expressive song ”Chewing Gum”. And that’s not the end of her creative activity. Janda writes columns in the press in which, she refers to the reality around her with humour and insight. She also directs theatre and film productions and has written two books. Krystyna Janda is constantly active, intellectually restless and sensitive to reality. Yet she says that she has many faults. ”I’ve convinced myself that audiences don’t want to deal with ideal actors.” The numerous awards and prizes in plebiscites of actors” popularity are an affirmation.

– Does the art of acting have a special rank in our country – with this question I began my conversation with Krystyna Janda, who is known for her involvement in everything that is going on in Polish culture in every day life, including politics.

– Being an actress in a country like Poland really is something special. In other countries, an actor is simply a person hired for an acting job, for which he or she receives a salary. However, in this country an actor must take a position frequently towards what is proposed to him or her and must declare which side he or she takes. Of course, this is changing because our reality is changing.

– One of the most characteristic traits of your acting personality is strong expression. Are you a person like that in your private life as well?

– Yes, perhaps. But there are days like today when I lack temperament.

– And how was your strong expression perceived in France and Germany when you performed there?

– That was in the past of course because today I am able to control myself more. I read in a French newspaper years ago about myself ”Give her something to calm her down. Why does she run around the screen like that?” However, I think that my way of expressing my thoughts and acting devices speaks much more to Germans than to the French. French lightness is not for me unfortunately.

– You played the role of Helena Modrzejewska, the greatest Polish actress and, at the same time, the major American actress at the end of the 19th century, which could have a symbolic meaning for you and for the public, don’t you think?

– I don’t think about it in that way. Fortunately the screenplay of the film did not provide a possibility for comparisons. Certainly, however, the creation of such a figure like Modrzejewska seemed very interesting to me. I thought to myself that if we have an actress equal in fame and grandeur to Sarah Bernhard and Eleonora Duse in our history, why not tell about it once more. I thought about her only as a human being because I couldn’t imagine that I would be recreating her acting art.

– Does the popularity which you enjoy give you pleasure?

– I’ve never reflected over this. Acting is my natural passion. I don’t do it for popularity, but due to an interior necessity. This is a psychological, almost biological need. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the public and success don’t count for me. My passion wouldn’t have any sense after all without the satisfaction that the public accepts me or likes me. I prefer, however, to remain an anonymous person if that is possible,

• Thank you for the interview.

Interviewer: Kazimierz Sobolewski

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